[Reservation Procedure] 

1. Sign up as member
Fill in the  [Enquiry Form] and mail it to
(This allows us to provide the best accommodation arrangement according to your requirements)
We are not hotel, B & B . C’est un petit maison offers short term rental and leasing accommodation service. 21% discount on rental will be given to those who signed up for long term lodging contract.
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If you have any further enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us:
Availability: 10:00 to 22:00 (call)
**Please text or SMS after availability hours**
Taiwan: 0976-356-686
International: +886-976-356-686
Whatsapp / Line: +886-976-356-686

2. Payment

Once reservation is confirmed, we will provide banking details to tenants. Tenants are required to pay half of the rental price for reservation purpose before 1pm on the subsequent day. Please notify us 7 days upon actual arrival date in advance if there is any amendment on arrival date. Reservation can only be held for 3 months. In the case of emergency cancellation, refund can be done as followed:

a. Cancellation made within 7 days upon arrival date will be refunded with 50% of the total amount paid. Amendment on arrival dates or name registered can be done within 3 months from the day of reservation subjected to availability.
b. Cancellation made within 3 days upon arrival will not get any refund and no further amendments are allowed.

3. Confirmation on Payment and Completion of Reservation
Once payment is done, please fill in 
[Payment Confirmation Form]  and mail it to
maymaymail88@gmail.com . We will reply in 24 hours through email or SMS for final confirmation on reservation. Please contact us if we do not reply in 24 hours. 

[Upon Arrival]
1. We will contact you a day before your arrival date to confirm your arrival time and meet up location. If contact is unreachable, please email to
maymaymail88@gmail.com to notify us on your arrival details.
2. Please notify us by calling +886-976-356-686 few hours before arrival time if there is a delay upon arrival.
3. On the day of arrival, tenants are required to complete the following particulars
   a. Tenants Registration
   b. Lease Contract
   c. Deposit Payment 
4. We do not provide towel, toothbrush and other personal stuffs.
5. Tenants who are renting on monthly basis would have to prepare the following items on their own:
   a. Trash Bag
   b. Shampoo and bath gel
   c. Detergents
   d. Toilet Paper
   e. and other required commodity
**If there is a need, we can help to purchase the commodities above on your behalf before your arrival**

[Check in and Check out Time]

[Check In]
Check in time is between 15:00 – 18:00. Please contact us if there is other requirement on check in time.
** Please be punctual. If arrival time is late than an hour without pre-notification, we hold the authority to cancel the agreement without any refund or charging at the rate of NTD 200/hour of waiting time. (The rules above only applied to tenants that do not pre-notify us about late arrival)

[Check Out]
Check out time is before 11:00 on the departure date.

[Rules and Regulations]
*Registered tenant must be aged 18 and above
*Tenants are not allowed to held parties and illegal activities at house. Tenants are required to keep their volume down at all time. Tenants who failed to oblige to the rule mentioned will be reported to the police for further action.
*Tenants are not allowed to smoke and consume areca in the rented unit. Tenants who failed to oblige to the rule mentioned will be fined NTD 1000.
*Tenants are not allowed to dispose rubbish (including sanitary pad) into the toilet bowl to avoid blockage.
*Tenants are not allowed to bring pets into the rented unit for hygiene purpose.
*Tenants are required to keep their volume down after 10pm.
*Landlord holds the rig

 [Cleaning Service]
*Rented unit will be cleaned with a clean set of bed sheet upon arrival.
*Tenants are required to clean the unit on their own during the lodging period. Cleaning tools will be provided.
*Cleaning service and bed sheet replacement will be provided upon request charging at NTD 300/service. Kindly contact the landlord a day before for arrangement


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Email us for any enquiries or reservation: maymaymail88@gmail.com


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